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The following is a list of Achievements for Remnants of Naezith. There are currently 22 achievements in the game.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
All Chapters Completion.jpg All Chapters Completion Complete all the chapters
All Chapters Mastery.jpg All Chapters Mastery Master all the chapters
All Chapters Speedrun.jpg All Chapters Speedrun Speedrun all the chapters
Crystal Completion.jpg Crystal Completion Complete the Crystal chapter
Crystal Mastery.jpg Crystal Mastery Master the Crystal chapter
Crystal Speedrun.jpg Crystal Speedrun Speedrun the Crystal chapter
Detective.jpg Detective Find all the secrets
Explorer.jpg Explorer Play a Custom Level
Getting good.jpg Getting good Improve your time
Idol.jpg Idol Inspect a top player
Jade Completion.jpg Jade Completion Complete the Jade chapter
Jade Mastery.jpg Jade Mastery Master the Jade chapter
Jade Speedrun.jpg Jade Speedrun Speedrun the Jade chapter
Looking good.jpg Looking good Customize your appearance
Metal Completion.jpg Metal Completion Complete the Metal chapter
Metal Mastery.jpg Metal Mastery Master the Metal chapter
Metal Speedrun.jpg Metal Speedrun Speedrun the Metal chapter
Sand Completion.jpg Sand Completion Complete the Sand chapter
Sand Mastery.jpg Sand Mastery Master the Sand chapter
Sand Speedrun.jpg Sand Speedrun Speedrun the Sand chapter
Watch and learn.jpg Watch and learn Watch a replay
What's that.jpg What's that? Find a secret