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The Gameplay in Remnants of Naezith is very fast-paced and with great freedom of movement thanks to its solid character controls and no speed limitations.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Move[edit | edit source]

Movement allows you traverse horizontal planes on the feet, control the Kayra in the air as well as pointing the direction your hook will go. It is achieved by pressing right/left buttons. Default binding for those are "left" and "right" arrow keys on the keyboard, directional pad or left stick on a controller.

Jump[edit | edit source]

Jumping allows your character to propel upwards from standing on the ground, pull towards the hook when hooked or push Kayra from a wall. Jumping is achieved by pressing the jump button, it's default binding is the Spacebar on the keyboard and A button on the controller. It's important to note: holding your jump button for longer time will increase the height of that jump!

Double jump[edit | edit source]

The second jump is available when in mid-air. Double jump resets vertical momentum allowing Kayra jump further than with one jump, but also to stop falling down to fast. Double jump comes in one charge, when that charge is used you can no longer jump again until you regain it.

There are 4 ways to regain the double jump:

  • touching a hard surface
  • landing a hook
  • going through a portal
  • using a jump pad

Hook[edit | edit source]

Hooking allows you to grab on surfaces, swing under ceiling, change your direction on high speed with next to none momentul loss and a bunch of other more advanced movement techniques. The default hook button in the keyboard is Z and right shoulder button on the controller.

Dash[edit | edit source]

Dashing allows you to increase your momentum during all kinds of movements running instead of walking, jumping higher, swinging faster, etc. Default binding is Shift on the keyboard and left shoulder button on the controller.

Surf[edit | edit source]

Surfing is achieved by moving over water at high enough speed (over 300ms) while Kayra's horizontal speed is higher than the vertical one. Surfing counts as walking on a hard surface thus giving Kayra the double jump. A common way to start surfing is to get low vertical momentum and then just dash over the water surface.

Pull[edit | edit source]

Pulling is possible by pressing the jump button when hanging on a hook, it allows Kayra to get to tricky places as well as gaining momentum in desired direction. When combined with the Dash it allows for huge gains in speed.